Friday, July 4, 2008

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Kis Synegoga

The small synagogue in Eger is where the first en:countering is happening and here is the crew...and the works so far!

Also check the galleries own website

First collaborative piece!

This is a piece created by every artist involved in the Eger exhibition last night. It explores the idea of interruptions in the city....

Thursday, July 3, 2008

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So far...

Well we opened last night quite successfully and collaborative works are now under way...Here are some images of the process so far!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First Exhibition

Eger, Hungary 1st to 5th July 2008

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


En:countering will invite artists from the participating countries to respond to the four statements (one from each member of the group) and put out a call for interested artists to get in contact via the ‘gallery’ (established gallery, artist-led space, academic institution or other appropriate venue) and/or direct with the individual artist via email. If the ‘gallery’ already knows of suitable local artists or artist groups that might be interested, that would of course be an advantage.

En:countering will negotiate with the ‘gallery’ as to how invitations from interested participants will be administered (and how much the ‘gallery’ itself wishes to be involved in the process of selection).

En:countering will then organise the project together with the invited artists and arrange with them the hanging and overall presentation of the project in line with the requirements of the ‘gallery’ concerned. At this time, the group will travel to participating countries in plenty of time to curate and present the exhibition in the ‘gallery’.

The ‘exhibitions’ are seen as wide ranging and include the showing of works made (wall-based, free-standing and performative covering a broad mix of media) together with a series of four open-ended seminars, each prompted by one of the four initiating artists together with a partner from the host country and each inviting comment/inter-action from an invited audience.

The ‘exhibitions’ are to be organised over an intense four-day period and will follow the guidelines below (although preparation work beforehand will be required and making good after the event is similarly necessary):

Thurs: opening of show/formal introduction of artists from participating countries
Fri: 4 open-dialogue sessions, two during morning/two more in afternoon
Sat: show/event continues
Sun: show/event continues and closes

The open-dialogues will be documented and used as a springboard for further development of the project. Extracts from the documentation will form an integral part of Stage Three of the project (publication of catalogue).

En:countering will arrange for the transportation of artworks from Bristol to the ‘gallery’ as well as organising and paying for the transport for each of the four artists.

En:countering are self-funded but any administrative assistance or creative input from the gallery would always be a welcome bonus.

En:countering are committed to collaboration on every level from simple logistic matters to extended critical dialogue.